All That Thinks And Moves

WE ARE WORKING TOWARDS BECOMING A REGULAR LOCAL MAGAZINE, local being roughly within a 25 mile radius of Burnley. So – news, reviews, information etc about things going on in the area are most welcome – Also general contributions and criticisms. Continue reading All That Thinks And Moves

What did you learn out of school today?

Why do people take or keep their children out of school? Mostly for three reasons: They think that raising their children is their business and not the government’s; they enjoy being with their children and helping them to learn, and don’t want to give that up to others; they want to keep them from being hurt, mentally, physically and spiritually. Continue reading What did you learn out of school today?

A wonderful anarchic-jumble-sale-of-a-disorganisation

…This gave the network an illusive ephemeral appearance – shifting its location around the country, one moment in SW Scotland, a year later in West Wales, next year coming from an address in the Pennines, popping up a couple years later in Buckinghamshire. Continue reading A wonderful anarchic-jumble-sale-of-a-disorganisation

Your Children are Not Your Children

…one of the things that had attracted me to the group was the chance to sort of try out being a parent; to be allowed to build a relationship with some kids that was more meaningful than just kicking a ball about or reading them a story now and again. Continue reading Your Children are Not Your Children